Rinnai 20 liter geyser is ideal for 1 & 2 bed roomed homes In warmer parts of SA the Rinnai 20 liter geyser can deliver up to 24 liters of hot water – easily supplying 2 bathrooms & kitchen sink) Low running costs & high efficiency Precise temperature control Compatible low flow rated shower fixtures (7l – 9l per minute) Full after sales support 10 year warranty Note: geysers must be serviced every 6 months Minimum water pressure (kPa): 160 Maximum water pressure (kPa): 1000 Factory default temperature: 50-55C Flow rate 25 degrees C/Max: l/min 20/24 Gas rate Min/ Max kg per hour: 0.29/3.1

  • Brand: DewHot
  • SKU: REU -AM2024WD
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