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Most traditional South African houses and commercial properties were built with Electricity as their primary energy source. With the escalating prices of Electricity most of the population is seeking alternate sources of energy. Due to Load Shedding people are left in the dark with the inconvenience of cold water and not being able to cook food for hours at a time.

We offer alternate energy sources mainly with LP Gas appliances (Gas Geysers, Gas Stoves, Gas Hobs and many more), we can also offer small to medium PV Solar solutions through our Parent Company SolarAlt. We cover services and installations in the Gauteng area.

By converting Electric Appliances to LP Gas solutions our customers can save large amounts of Electricity on a day to day basis. Not all Electric appliances have LP Gas counterparts and for those we offer Solar systems to keep the lights on.

The two components using the most Electricity are your Geysers and Stoves/Ovens. Feel free to contact us for any additional information?